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HSE Academy

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HSE Academy

About Us

HSE Academy is an online course portal where Proactima offer several e-learning courses in all our subject areas such as risk management, emergency preparedness, health, working environment and safety. Our solution involves a unique combination of solid-based professional expertise and new and future-oriented learning methods. An increasing number of organizations are realizing that they need HSE competence enhancing measures which provide formalized competence.

Today we need to focus change in behaviour, business results and value if we are to increase training effectiveness in ways that measures effect on profitability:

  • Modern business is all about creating value
  • HSE Academy confronts the traditional eLearning value proposition with a non-traditional proposition that speaks directly and practically to business interests
  • Very often a blended format is preferred including an online prerequisite and post-course support tool, with a classroom component in between

HSE Academy builds on Proactimas leading professional expertise. All our courses combine a theoretical base that is solidly linked to experiences from current practices.

In practical terms, this means that we put less emphasis on the academic and theoretical aspects of the course subject and instead put the focus on practical approaches.

In addition, we can offer customized classroom teaching for your organization in all our subject areas, tailored to meet your requirements and in line with the company's approach. You can read more about us here.