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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in autonomous vehicles


Today, we are closer than ever to realizing the dream of having vehicles drive themselves. The field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is going to be the brains in making it possible. This course has been developed for beginners who wish to understand how AI helps in the realization of autonomy in the mobility of the future. The course provides simplified explanations of AI facilitating different functions of perception, planning, and control that are fundamental to driving and navigation. However, it should be remembered that the current level of autonomy is far from perfect as AI in itself is prone to intentional and unintentional threats when deployed in the real world. The course provides insights on this as well with the help of example scenarios. This is course is useful for anyone who wants to learn about the practicalities of applying AI in the mobility domain.


  • Introductory course in machine learning and big data is recommended.
  • A basic understanding of computers.
  • An open mind towards learning smile

Course takeaways:

  • What autonomy and its different levels are
  • Understanding of main functions needed for autonomy
  • Threats to AI and examples of threat scenarios

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in autonomous vehicles